Monday, January 20, 2014


 What a week it has been. Ashley Solis was planning on being baptized yesterday, but when we visited them on Saturday, she was really sick. We have postponed the baptism until next week, January 19th. We have given her a priesthood blessing and she felt a little bit better at church yesterday. Next week will be her Baptism if all goes as planned. Other then Ashley Solis, we do not have any Baptismal dates, but we are inviting all those whom we teach the first lesson to be baptized. One of our investigators is named Linda who is related to Hermana Irma Sanchez. Linda was the original former investigator, and we ended up finding Irma Sanchez(her mother). We began teaching her for a few weeks  and then her son Ricardo began listening to us. Approximately two weeks after, her other daughter Melanie started listening to us and all three of them were eventually Baptized. We met Linda(the original former) at their Baptism and began teaching her soon after. When I was transferred to Fullerton, Elder Huesca and Elder Janne did not teach her, but the first week of coming back to Buena Park, Linda came to church with Ricardo and Melanie. We also set up an interview with the Obispo for Ricardo to recieve the Aaronic Priesthood. He will be ordained a Deacon in two weeks, because next week is Stake Conference. Elder Huesca and I are now teaching the entire family on a regular basis with only Linda needing to be Baptized. We extended a baptismal date to her our first lesson, but she was hesitant, because she said that she does not make a commitment unless she knows without a doubt that she will do it. She is very honest and open about her doubts. This will allow us to better teach according to her needs, so we are grateful for that. She has come to church two weeks in a row and plans to continue to come as she does not work on Sunday's. She has wonderful fellowship from not only the Ward, but her own family and it will not be long before she knows that this is where her Heavenly Father wants her to be and that through the Gospel of Jesus Christ, she can live in the presence of our Heavenly Father with her family forever. I am very grateful for the privilege I have to continue teaching people I have taught before as well as serve in an area where I have been before also. I am excited to put all that I have learned to practice with Elder Huesca and our new companion that will arrive tomorrow. I want this new Elder to feel how I felt when Elder Martinez trained me. President Bowen asked me in our "new trainer meeting" what kind of trainer Elder Martinez was and I said, "he was the best" and I meant it. Elder Martinez has had an impact on my entire mission and I want the exact same for the Elder that I will be training with Elder Huesca.
This past week, we also had a zone meeting and it went very well. It is amazing how fast things can change in a mission. I was just in a zone where I knew practically everyone, but now that I am in a new zone, I hardly know anyone. I have been out on the mission for a few months now, but still do not know a majority of the spanish speaking mission. I suppose it is because until this transfer, I have been in one zone my entire mission, Santa Ana North zone, but now that mission boundaries have changed and areas are beeing added, I am now in what they call the Santa Ana West zone, with new zone leaders and everything. I enjoy the change though. It all keeps me on my toes.Speaking of change, President has asked that as a district, we talk about our boundaries and come to an agreement on what changes we need to make so we can all be productive with the Lords time, because one companionship in our district has a smaller area then the others and they are having a hard time finding people to teach. We want them to stay busy as well so President has asked us to prayerfully come up with new boundaries to each of our areas. The struggle some of us are having as a district is that with the change, we may have to stop teaching current investigators if they are within the boundaries of a different area. To me personally and this is something I shared to the District; we are all serving in the Lords vinyard that is harvesting, and we all have the same purpose and motives. This assignment that President Bowen has given us should not difficult to do. 
Random fact- It is 80 stinkin' degrees here, and we are in the middle of January, but I am not complaining! =) I have concluded that California has had one season since I have been here and that is Summer. When I say that it gets cold in the evenings, it means it is around 60 degrees. I love the sun!
This last week, Elder Huesca was sick for a couple days. It seems that everyone is getting sick; members, missionaries, and current investigators. I have been fortunate enough to not be sick yet. I pray that I will not get sick either. Elder Ortiz Diaz will be coming to California tomorrow. I am very excited. He is straight from Peru. This will be the first time being in the United States. Is it weird that I have prayed that he only speaks Spanish? Elder Huesca and I speak mainly spanish, but I would not mind only speaking spanish. That would be such a blessing. It is a goal that I set early on with Elder Huesca. I only want to speak English if it is absolutely necessary, and hardly ever it is. This allows me to learn vocabulary quickly, understand grammer better and obtain an accent. The "accent" is coming along. The only problem is that every fluent Spanish speaking companion I have had come from different places of the world. Elder Martinez is from Mexico City. Elder Garza lives now in Texas and has a Texas mexican accent if that makes sense. Elder Ramirez is from Chile. Elder Huesca is from Mexico, but lives in Arizona. Our new companion, Elder Ortiz Diaz is from Peru and one of my previous zone leaders is from El Salvador. Another missionary who is in my current zone is also from Peru. Members are from all over the place to. Obtaining an accent has been diificult, because they all speak so differently, but I am learning a lot of spanish. Again, I am so grateful for all the fluent spanish speaking companions that I have had. It had been a blessing. I love Missionary Work!  
I pray that you all have a great week. Add me on Facebook if you haven't yet, especially if you speak spanish; Elder Mason Harvey. I love you all and I am grateful for all the support all of you have been given me. I know that this is the Lords marvelous work. Our loving Heavenly Father is fulfilling his purpose which is found in [Moses 1:39]. Jesus Christ lives and The Book of Mormon is a testimony of that truth. I know that Heavenly Father loves each and every one of us. He is aware of our daily lives and wants the best for each and every one of us. All He has revealed, is revealing and will reveal is evidence of His love for us. I love you all too! 
Until next week, 
Elder Harvey  
Last photo taken with Hermano Mayans!
Elder Huesca and I (I just took that like 2 minutes ago while finishing up this e-mail! haha)