Friday, October 11, 2013


Hello Everyone,
Last week was my last week inV the Buena Park 3rd Ward. I have been transferred. Elder Flake left for Argentina today too. I am now currently serving in the Fullerton 6 Ward. The area I cover is the biggest area in the entire mission in the Spanish program. I wish I could say that I have adjusted, but I am still not used to the transition. Leaving the Buena Park 3rd Ward was not easy. I served in the Ward for over 7 months. Many relationships formed. Many people I taught were baptized. I knew the area very well and now I am leaving all of that behind. Saying good-bye to members, recent-converts and current investigators was not easy to say the least, but as Preach my Gospel says, I can honestly say that I left my areas better then I found them. If you can do that, you are successful and fulfilling your purpose. Much of the Lords work was done in the areas I served in. The hardest thing for me was saying good-bye to all those whom I served. The hardest thing I have done on my mission was just today, leaving my first ward and the area. Christlike charity builds for all those who you serve with and teach. Accepting a new ward, new companions, new area and new investigators is not easy, but I assume that if it is not easy to leave an area, it shows that I put my whole heart, might, mind and strength into it. RECENT CONVERTS in the Buena Park 3rd Ward: Diana, Hna Arce, Familia Sanchez(3), Familia Solis(2), Familia Campos(2)I love these individuals so very much and I am grateful for the opportunity the Lord gave me to invite and help these precious people come unto Jesus the Christ. I could honestly return home now and be satisfied with all the miracles and blessings the Lord has given me. When one should comes unto Christ, many come unto Christ. I know these families will have an affect on generations to come. They will always have a special spot in my heart as I do in theirs.
My new compaions are Elder Ramirez and Elder Garza. Another TRIO! The trio only exists because Elder Garza will be ending his mission in just 2 weeks, which is in the middle of the transfer, so in two weeks, it will be Elder Ramirez and I only. Elder Ramirez and I are both new to this area, which means that we must get to know the area fairly quickly because we are on our own in 2 weeks. Elder Garza is from Austin Texas, but originally from Mexico and Elder Ramirez is from Santiago Chile. I look forward to improving my Spanish even more as I have been blessed with two fluent speakers as companions. I also have been assigned as designated driver for the transfer. I assume that is because neither of my companions have a drivers license. I do not plan on turning into a California driver down here, because there are some crazy people down here. I plan to always stay cautious. Although I was in a sever accident just one year ago, I feel very secure here in Anahiem driving. I know that the Lord watches over His servants  the missionaries. I will try my best to stay safe on these wreckless roads, and the Lord will do the rest. I cannot believe my car accident was a year ago. The time has cruised by. 
I wish I had the time to explain all the Spirit taught me during the General Conference, but I do not. Especially since today is transfers and we do not have as much time on computers when it is transfers. The Holy Ghost helped me write notes during conference and I loved every second of it. I recall when General Conference for me was simply a big breakfast with the family and relax time in front of a television. How much I have changed though. Here on the mission while watching General Conference, I forget to blink at times. I am so grateful for the opportunity we have two times a year to listen to our Heavenly Fathers words directly to us in these times through a living modern day prophet. How blessed are we! The prophet speaks in the Lords behalf, and only by the Spirit of revelation does he give us council [1 Nephi 22:2]. I know that President Thomas S. Monson leads us as Latter-day saints with the help of Christ, our Savior.
I know that Christ lives. I know that Missionary Work is growing beyond comprehension. The church is very organized. I have a firm, immovable testimony that continues to shrink to very simple phrases. I have a hard time sharing my testimony with words, but I sure love living my testimony as a representative of our Savior, Jesus Christ. I love you all very much. I am grateful for all the support I have been given and will receive. You are in my prayers. 
Until next week,
Elder Harvey 

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