Tuesday, February 5, 2013


Mason's first week in the MTC was busy and exciting. This was his first email home. Enjoy

    Hello Everyone, 

The first week in the MTC has been very busy. Today is Friday and I am in the laundry mat getting my first load of laundry done. When I got out of the car at the MTC, I was immediately escorted by a missionary who has been at the MTC for a while to a building where I got my Spanish scriptures, my name tag, which was a spiritual moment for me and where I received other important information. I was then shown where my room is for the duration of my stay here and I was only there to drop off my suitcases to then go immediately to my first Spanish class. My districts Spanish instructor is named, Hermano LeBron and he is from Puerto Rico. He is a student at BYU, but works here at the MTC part time. In my first Spanish class, I met my first companion, Elder Richards. I am very fortunate as far as companionships go so far because he and I connected right off the bat. We have a lot of things in common. He is going to the Anaheim, California mission as well. Most companionships in the MTC are going to the same mission. My second day at the MTC, the district met our branch President, President Stewart. He asked the nine of us in the district to share our testimony and then he interviewed us personally to get to know us more and ultimately choose the first district leader. He mentioned to our district that he has worked here at the MTC for nearly two years and that this district is the strongest, most spiritual, motivated district he has ever worked with. That was a pleasure to hear. He chose Elder Baumen who is from Guatemala to be our first district leader [he is the only one that is completely fluent in Spanish all ready] so he obviously made the right decision. I have felt an overwhelming, comforting, encouraging spirit ever since I was set apart on Tuesday night as we reviewed D&C: 4. I appreciate all those that attended that special moment of mine as the spirit was present there. I am enjoying the life in the MTC. Everyone knows that I am a competitive person. On that note, my number one priority is to strengthen my testimony on the doctrine and become fluent in Spanish quickly. The missionary work today is greater then ever before and I am so grateful to be apart of it. I learned very quickly the meaning behind the phrase, 'Full-Time Mission'. It means that there is not a minute that goes by that my companion and I are not doing something. I am serving a Full-Time mission and I love it. My fairly new, expensive watch broke the other day by no cause. I was forced to buy another one immediately because having a watch in the MTC is like having a temple recommend in the Temple, you have to have one. HAHA I am writing in my journal every night because the spiritual experiences that I am having are endless. I know that journal keeping is important on the mission. I know that if I live the missionary white handbook, I will be successful. I am grateful for this opportunity to serve. I miss you all, but it will fly by. The e-mail this week is shorter then what most will be only because today is not technically my first p-day, next Friday is. I will send e-mails every Friday in the MTC, as well as letters. I love you all and I hope to hear from you soon. Buenos Dias!               
              -Elder Harvey

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