Friday, February 8, 2013


Mason has been loving the MTC life and is enjoying his companion. This is Mason's first official first p-day email home. Enjoy! 

Buenos Dias! Hello everyone,

Today is officially my first P-day and it started early. My district and I agreed that we wanted to get our laundry done as soon as possible. So, here I am in the laundry mat at 6:00am typing an e-mail home. I will first off tell you that I love the MTC life. It is very busy here, but it is worth it. As you can tell in the attached photo's, I am really studying the language. Hermano LeBron is my Spanish teacher and he is amazing. He has an amazing conversion story when he was 17 years old and served a mission in Argentina. They say that what you learn in 6 weeks here in the MTC is the amount you would learn in four years at a High School. It is a lot of Spanish to remember, but I am taking it all in. I enjoy the hour of gym we have every day because when you are in the class for eight hours, it is nice to have a break in your day. Gym has been a time for me to strengthen my leg. My leg has got significantly better. When I was set apart, it was said that my leg will not give me any problems and it has not since the minute I got here. I continue to eat like a "bird" here at the MTC, but I am taking my vitamins and Iron Mom. HAHA Two days after arriving to the MTC, all companionships had to prepare a thirty minute lesson with a member who acts like an investigator. Our first investigator here was Benjamin. Our fifth and last lesson with him was last night. It was an amazing experience. It made me more humble as the Spanish is still coming. The spirit was on our side though. It is amazing the things you can do with the spirit. The Gift of Tongues is real.

On our way to a lesson with Benjamin on Tuesday, I met someone walking the grounds of the MTC. I met Elder Quentin L. Cook from the quorum of the twelve. He is a very nice man and it felt like he could see right through me. His presence is powerful, but I stood in front of him with no second thoughts. I am a worthy, full-time, dedicated, selfless missionary that is on the Lords errand.  He greeted me with a big smile and said, "Hello Elder Harvey." It was a special experience and one I probably will not forget. Also, funny fact- Elder Quentin L. Cook is VERY SHORT! Grandma Edgley- I think you might be taller then him. After our lesson that day with Benjamin, my companion Elder Richards did not feel well at all. We waited it out for about twenty minutes. Then he asked me if I could give him a blessing. I had the honor to give him that blessing along with other Elders in our district. It was my first time giving a blessing, but the proper words came from my mouth as if I had administered blessings many times. He was able to jump right back into studying about thirty minutes after the blessing was given. Elder Richards and I are a great companionship. We are both focused and have one purpose. I know that as a missionary, the more I work, the more I am blessed. The days I spend in the MTC affect my whole missio, so I am not going to waste a minute. Every moment has eternal significance. The mission rules are directly from our Lord. My testimony continues to grow and the missionary work continues to press forward.

My first Sunday here at the MTC was great as well. I was one of the first to bear my testimony. I could not hold it in any longer. In sacrament meeting this last week, they announced that the day I came in, there was six-hundred new missionaries. This last Wednesday, there was eight-hundred new missionaries. Next week, we are expecting one-thousand new missionaries and more then half of them being Sister missionaries. I am so grateful for the opportunity I have to be apart of missionary work in these last days. It is greater today then ever before. We have the longest days, but the shortest weeks. We have the longest weeks, but I will have the shortest months. I will have the longest months, but the shortest years. I need to take advantage of every minute of every day here. I am only a young* missionary once.

As your diligence increases in the MTC, Satan's influence upon you decreases. I know that statement is true. I have been focused since the minute I got here. Heavenly Father protects the missionaries who are here whole heartedly. During the lessons I have had had this past week, I am having a hard time putting my thoughts properly into Spanish words. I want to testify all that I know so badly, but I am still working on becoming fluent. My thoughts in English on what I want to say to our investigator is like a race car going one-hundred miles an hour while my thoughts in Spanish on what to say to the investigator is like a turtle. I promise though, my turtle is going to turn into a race car.

Out of time. My laundry is done. I look forward to a temple trip this afternoon and on every P-day that I am here. Until next time, take care.

-Elder Harvey 

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