Friday, February 15, 2013


Mason has had a fun filled and busy week. He is loving the spirit and cant wait to go to California to teach the people.  Mason also talks about an Endowment Session that happens in the Temple that I cannot go into detail about because its sacred.  And just to let everyone know that doesn't, P-day stands for preparation day. Enjoy!!!!  

Hello Everyone, 
I have so much information and little time. I am going to type all that I can in the half hour they give us. This past week was a great one. I really enjoyed doing an endowment session last Friday at the Temple. The spirit is so strong during endowment sessions and especially when every endowment room is full of missionaries wanting to do temple work. I have the honor to go to the temple today this afternoon as well. In this past week, I have had five lessons with investigators mainly talking about the Restoration as that is the first lesson. The "investigators" that we teach may be just acting as investigators and are all ready members, but the spirit is still present because we are teaching true doctrine. The lessons are full of truth and they are great practice before I head to California. My Spanish scriptures are starting to look like my English scriptures. If you do not know what my English scriptures look like, you can ask Shaun. My district copied the system soon after it got out. I look at the scriptures different now as they are truly coming alive. I received a calling this week. I know that Heavenly Father knows my strengths and my weaknesses. Receiving this call, confirmed to me that the Lord knows my strengths and this calling makes me feel like I am back home. I am now the Sacrament Coordinator for my zone. I set up the sacrament every week and bless the sacrament every week and of course clean it up after sacrament is over. I am just starting where I left off at home. I enjoy this responsibility though as sacrament is the most important meeting we could ever attend in the week. We missed our Temple walk this last week because it was 18 degrees and plenty of snow. Some missionaries here are crazy. Elder Barker who is from Beaverton who is in my zone decided to try the gallon challenge with chocolate milk. Each glass here at the MTC is exactly a cup. He attempted to consume 16 glasses of chocolate milk and only make it to glass 11. I still am trying to figure out the reason behind him trying but I know that everyone in life makes mistakes. I think the biggest thing that happened this week is what I am about to tell you. This past week, the morning hours from 6:30-7:15am consisted of taking and setting up an extra bunk bed in every room in the residences. Starting next week with another huge arrival of missionaries, each room will have six missionaries in them. Let me share with you a little math I have completed this past week. In the residences here, each building has four floors. Each floor as twenty rooms. Each floor has two bathrooms with six showers each. This next week, we will have 6 missionaries/per room X 20 rooms per floor. Each floor will have 120 missionaries starting next week. The point I am trying to express is that they are only adding bunk beds, they are not adding showers. We will have 120 missionaries on each floor with 12 showers per floor. 120:11 is not a good ratio as far as showers are concerned. We will see how it goes. The environment here is amazing regardless the amount of missionaries. Today is a unique time to be a missionary. Even though there are only four closets for six missionaries, I do not mind. Missionary work is pressing forward and lives are going to change. I am grateful to be apart of missionary work. I feel the influence of the Holy Ghost daily and it confirms to me that I could be no where else more important then here serving the Lord. My journal is filling up and my testimony continues to grow. I love receiving packages and letters here, so feel free. I have limited time sending letters but I greatly appreciate receiving them on this end. Find out what Dear Elder is if you do not know what it is all ready. I appreciate all the love and support I have been given and love you all. I think of home daily and miss you all, but I want to be here. I know that the days are long here, but the weeks are short. I know the weeks are long here, but the months are short. I know that the months are long here, but the two years are short. I am working hard every minute because my mission is very important. This mission is not for me necessarily, it is for the people in Anaheim California who need peace in their life and the comfort that the Restored Gospel brings. I love you all very much and miss you. Scripture of the week- [Alma 53:20-21] which talks about characteristics of a valiant missionary! I hope all of you enjoy the pictures I have attached and until next week, take care!

-Elder Harvey

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