Friday, February 22, 2013


Mason is halfway done with his six weeks at the MTC. Days are long but weeks are short. Enjoy!

Hello Family and Friends, 

Another week has flown by here at the MTC. It felt like it was only a couple weeks ago when I was in here doing laundry and sending off an e-mail back home. I wish I could say that something amazing happened this week, but days become pretty repetitive here in the MTC. I remember an experience I had when my zone and I went and did Temple work last week. When we were in an endowment session, it crossed my mine of how often people are praying for me as a missionary and for all the other missionaries in the field. Over one hundred temples, hundreds of endowment sessions, and thousands of prayers go out towards the missionaries currently serving missions. I honestly have been blessed with the constant companionship of the Holy Ghost since the minute I got set apart. I feel my Saviors love daily as I have been set apart to be His representative. I always want to be worthy to experience those precious spiritual confirmations. This past Monday, we were asked to plan our lessons as we have them daily with "investigators" but to never bring a written out plan with us to the lesson. We have learned a lot of the language all ready, that we are able to simply bring our Spanish scriptures and teach a lesson. The lessons are slowly getting better and better. I step back and think of my first week here and realize, I am speaking Spanish. I have a lot to learn, but I am picking up most everything our teacher says in class and most words that are said in a lesson. I know the Gift of Tongues is real. This past week, after Tuesday devotional, we had the opportunity to watch the video, "Joseph Smith: The Prophet of The Restoration" and I will tell you that video never gets old. I ask all that have not seen it (Family and Friends) to watch it with an open heart and I promise you that you will be filled with the truthfulness of the Restoration. I have seen that video many times now, but I learn something new every time I watch it. I know that video is full of truth, because the feelings I have in my heart while watching the video cannot be denied. My district and I had an English fast this last Wednesday. We were to speak only Spanish ALL DAY. I will tell you right now, that is one great way to learn the language. My companion and I personally have been picking up the language fairly quickly and challenge ourselves only to speak English when we are in the cafeteria. It is challenging at times, but we are not here really to become friends with everyone. We are here to serve the Lord and invite people to come unto Christ. We should speak as much Spanish as possible so that we are more affective in the field. This week was full of studying, teaching and learning. I end this e-mail with my testimony: Missionary work is hard and never was easy. Nobody should ever think it is easy or should be. Do you think being a missionary was easy for our Savior, Jesus Christ? He went what we go through and then some. I know I do not stand alone when I feel that being a missionary is tough, because I know Jesus Christ was a missionary too. He knows what I struggle with as a missionary and he knows what we all struggle with as His children. Doors will be slammed in my face. Jesus Christ was spat in the face. People  make jokes about our beliefs and who we are as Latter-day Saints. Our Savior, Jesus Christ was whipped in the back numerous times for who he was. I know our Savior knows our trials and through his Atonement, we all can return with him and rest from our worries. Not all accept the Restored Gospel, but Jesus Christ gave his life for those who will. Joseph Smith promised that this Restored Gospel will never again be taking from the earth. It will never be stopped and this work will continue to spread until the second coming of our Father. We have just been asked to keep the word moving by serving missions. When I feel like I ever want to slow down here on the mission and maybe take a break from studies, I am going to remember what my Savior Jesus Christ did for me and every living soul, and then work harder then ever before. This is my testimony in the name of Jesus Christ, our loving Savior, Amen.
Thirty minutes on the computer is thirty minutes. I am getting kicked off now. Enjoy the attached photo's. I miss home and love you all. Until next week, take care of yourselves.

-Elder Harvey

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