Tuesday, June 18, 2013


Great week for Elder Harvey. Please send him letters, he loves them. Enjoy!! (I have no idea why all the "tomorrow" and times are highlighted and underlined)

Hello Everyone,
I have just had the most successful week on my mission so far. We have been blessed with some of the elect. Twenty-five wonderful lessons were taught, four Baptismal dates extended  received six new investigators, three member referrals and many other investigators we have are on the road of conversion. I have said it before and I am going to say it again, there is no greater work then the work of our Savior. This is His unstoppable work that continues to grow. We have been blessed tremendously. I have adjusted to the new area and new companions quite well. I am still getting familiar with the area, but that will come quickly as we are serving in a car. One of the many strengths we have in our companionship is our attitudes towards the work. We give every minute to the Lord and we continue to see progression. I am tired by the end of the day after daily planning, but I would be upset at myself if I was not. I give all my efforts every day, every minute. The phrase, "living by exact obedience" becomes more and more real each day. Quick story because I do not have a lot of time. This last Wednesday, we contacted a couple, Hermano and Hermana Diaz. We taught, testified and asked inspired questions. The Spirit taught them as it guided us. We made a return appointment for what will be tomorrow. We then asked for referrals. They informed to us that the four apartment complex they are living in is owned by them and their relatives live in the other three apartments. We got really excited to contact the other relatives. We contacted the others and all of them were willing to have us come by again and share what we know to be true. This last Saturday, we stopped by Hermano and Hermana Diaz house to confirm the appointment we will have with him tomorrow. He told us that he talked to his whole family and said that they will all be gathered in his apartment tomorrow at 6:00pm to listen to our message. Just to mention, each apartment of the four have a Mother and Father and at least two children. If I am correct, tomorrow night, we will be teaching Familia Diaz tomorrow that includes approximately sixteen people. I am stoked. After confirming the appointment, my first thought was to have President Bowen be a member present at the lesson, because we need "power", but after I settled down and calmed my excitement, we were able to contact a member in the ward who can come with us. I am very excited to see how the lesson goes tomorrow. I was nervous for my first lesson as a missionary here in the field like normal. This lesson we will have tomorrow with Familia Diaz will be the second lesson on my mission that I am nervous about. Sixteen people is a lot of people to testify to. I put my trust in the Lord though, because we all know that he does not put something in our path that we cannot handle. You can stay tuned for how the lesson went. This is only one experience of many that I have had. I am literally being filled with spiritual experiences that have eternal significance. I am grateful for this opportunity more and more each day to be able to serve a mission at this time. Many things the Spirit has taught me cannot be explained, but can and will be remembered. I love my mission, I love the people, I love my companions and I am grateful for the support. Until next time, take care of yourselves. 
 Elder Harvey 


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