Wednesday, July 3, 2013


Mason is loving his mission more than ever. Great work is being done! Enjoy!

Hello Family,
I am gratefull to be a full-time servant of the Lord. The Lord has kept us very busy this past week and the work continues to press forward. Our key indicators reflect the miracles that the Lord has blessed us with this week. We had twenty-two lessons this week in total. We recieved eleven new investigators as well. Four members gave us referrals. Eight investigators have Baptismal dates in the future. This area I am serving in, our district and our zone in general is literally prospering by degrees. As a zone, between eight companionships, this month we have extendedfifty Baptismal dates. These numbers I have shared may help you comprehend and understand how much work the Lord is blessing us with in this area. We are working very hard and I know that the Lord blesses us according to our works. I mentioned that we were going to have a lesson with Family Diaz last week. We did, but not all the members of the family were there. Although they all live next to eachother, they have different schedules. We did teach a lesson to some of them and plan on teaching the others at their convenience. My schedule as a missionary is much different then my investigators schedule, and I forget that sometimes. I am grateful for the miracles that I have witnessed here in this new area. Last Sunday, I had the pleasure to see Family Leon at church whom Elder Martinez and I contacted. Although I am serving in a different area, I am still attending the same Ward, so I have the pleasure of seeing investigators I taught in my first area at church every week. When they come of course. I also see Hermana Diana, whom was the first Baptism I had on my mission. I love this ward, the help I recieve from them and the people I am teaching. I also love my companions. Elder Waite- from Peru, Indiana and Elder Flake- from Whyoming waiting for his Visa to go to Argintina. I do miss Elder Martinez, don't get me wrong, but I am grateful for the companions I have had so far on my mission. As I have already said, we are in car, but we run 2-3 miles every morning, so that helps keep up with the food we are given. I am keeping in good shape. I hope it stays that way. Other Elder's here have told me that they have gained 20-30 pounds on their mission. Those conversations running through my head in the morning help me run faster. The sunsets here are beautiful as well as the warm mornings. I have been blessed from all different kind of angles as a missionary. I decided to make some breakfast for lunch for my companions this last week instead of the typical PB&J and fruit. I made them French Toast how I was taught and they loved it. I also attached a photo of one sunset that represents most the sunsets we see every day. The work is wonderful. My studies here on the mission have only consisted of two things; The Book of Mormon and Preach my Gospel. I have no desire to read or study anything else. I am nervous to see what my Book of Mormon will look like as well as my Preach my Gospel by the end of my mission. I am studying those inside and out. When I read something over, the Holy Ghost teaches me something new. My knowledge of the gospel literally grows every hour on my mission, every day. I have never been happier in my life, then here on the mission doing to most important work of the Lord. I loved that Broadcast this past Sunday focused on Missionary Work. The Spirit was so obvious to recognize during that meeting. I recall looking down at my badge during the Broadcast, and just feeling so much love from my Savior. I felt goosebumps. I knew that the Lord was making known to me that he was proud of me and emphasizing the importance of His latter-day work. As a representative of Jesus Christ, I know that this is the work of the Lord. This work is only picking up and cannot be stopped. It is such a great time to be a full-time servant of the Lord and I echo the testimonies in which we heard during the Broadcast that this work is for all the members of the church. We all can assist in this work and are commanded to. We are in debt to our Savior. We cannot afford not assisting the work move forward. The blessings that come from assisting the Lord in His work are real. The Gospel of Jesus Christ was given to us to be lived. The commandments are given to us to be kept. Missionary work is a commandment. I invite you all to keep that commandment. My knowledge of the Gospel is clear. This is the Gospel of Jesus Christ. The elect whom Heavenly Father has prepared and is preparing are looking for this Gospel. We are in the Latter days. Missionary work has never been so great. I have never been so happy. I love my living Savior. Have a great week. 
-Elder Harvey
P.S. Hope these pictures bring some smiles. It is beautiful here in California. My companions loved the French Toast. I am just loving the mission.

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