Wednesday, July 3, 2013


Great week for Mason! Lots of work has been done! Enjoy!

Hello Family,
The weeks just get better and better here on the mission. We have been blessed with the elect and they are progressing well. We had a busy week of twenty-seven lessons. That has been the most lessons I have had in one week then in my entire mission and a good number of those were with a member present. This work is literally prospering by degrees. We witnessed many miracles this past week. One of them being with Hermano Enrique whom is an investigator. We have had a hard time contacting him the past two weeks, but we ran into him this past week and he had a story for us. He told us that a co-worker told him a way that he could learn English, as he would like to learn. His co-worker gave Hermano Enrique two books of Mormon; one in English and one in Spanish. He mentioned to Enrique that if he reads them side by side, cover to cover with Faith, he will be able to communicate in the English language. This is the story he told us. This little act of service has changed his attitude towards learning about the Gospel. So, there we were on his doorstep and he was holding three books of Mormon and had told us that he has prayed for a change in his life. I know that is why he has three books of Mormon in his hands and that we are now teaching him on a regular basis. He is ready to recieve the Gospel as well as his kind wife and young boy. A lot of miracles has happened with Hermano Enrique this week for the good and I know that now is his time to accept the Gospel. We were also blessed with three service opportunites this last week that turned into new investigators. The Lord is putting us in the paths of the prepared, or he is putting the prepared in our path. One or the other, because another week goes by and we have seven new investigators.
This morning was an early start. We decided to wake up at 4:00am and drive over to Vantage Point with the zone leaders and run a couple miles up the hills there. We were able to see the sunrise. At the top, we were able to see the entire mission as well as parts of the bordering missions. It was early, but we enjoyed it. Running up hills is a lot different. The view was worth it all though. I cannot afford not to run with the meals that we are fed here from the members. I must run daily now that I am not on bike. I am just loving the mission. I am literally counting the many blessings that I recieve every day out here. We have many to teach and many are preparing for Baptism. I am so grateful to be here at this time. I am grateful that all is well back home. Knowing that all is well back home keeps me going. the family is in my prayers. Enjoy your week and hope to hear from you. Take care!
-Elder Harvey


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