Monday, September 9, 2013


Great week for Elder Harvey! Enjoy!

Hello Everyone, 
       A lot has changed this past week and I have very little time today on the computer. Just a heads up, transfer preperation days are very busy, let me tell you. Yesterday, Family Sanchez was not Baptized. We are planning for next week. They have come a long ways and just need another week to prepare for Baptism. I am very excited to see them be Baptized. Yesterday, Hermana Arce was confirmed a member of the Church. That was exciting. She is a solid, active member. I am going to miss her when the time comes to transfer out of the Ward. Also, cool fact to share: In my first area, Elder Martinez and I taught Hermana Diana who was eventually Baptized. I was then transferred to a different area, but within the same Ward. Hermana Missionaries are now in my first area and are teaching the mother of Hermana Diana. Hermana Diana's mother is preparing to be Baptized into the church as well. Her mothers name is Hermana Luz. Elder Martinez and I taught her a couple times, but now she is preparing to be Baptized as well. I hope that I explained that well enough, because I am moving on. I do not have much time. Transfers were today. Elder Waite was called to be a zone leader over the South Zone and Elder Flake and I are staying here in the Buena Park 3rd Ward. Our new companion is Elder Janne. I wish I could tell you a little bit about him, but we just picked him up about an hour ago. All I know so far is that he has been out on the mission for a little over a year and is from Kansas. He is also into Rugby. I will send a few pictures next week. I cannot this week, because I left my camera in the Apartment on my desk. He seems to be a great Elder. He still does not quite realize that he has joined a small young district that is on FIRE right now. Our key indicators continue to increase week after week. We continue to find new solid investigators and currently have six baptismal dates. Awesome short story I must tell. This past week, we were looking for a former and all had an impression to knock one door on our way out of the apartment. An older lady answered the door in her 50's. She was very receptive from the start. She invited us in and as we began to teach her, she told us that she never would let people come into her house, but had recieved an impression to allow us to come in and teach her. We did some "How to Begin Teaching" and taught the entire Restoration to her. She literally appeared that she was learning the principles for a second time, and that is true. She and all of us knew the Gospel before this life. She accepted a Baptismal date as well. This is one of the many miracles the Lord has blessed us with. I am looking forward to teaching her tomorrow and hopefully see her at church this Sunday too. I love the mission. I love the people. I am not a perfect missionary, but I am worthy and obedient, which allows me to be teachable and grow as a servant of the Lord. I wish I had more time to type this week, but that is not the case. I also apologize that I have no pictures to attach this week, but I promise at least three next week. I love my Heavely Father. I know that Jesus Christ lives. Until next week, take care everyone.
-Elder Harvey

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