Friday, November 8, 2013


Success in Fullerton,
I have had a another great week here in Fullerton. Finding has been the center of our planning as we started this transfer with only one progressing investigator; Hermano Mayans. Nothing happens in missionary work until you find someone to teach(PMG). We picked up many new investigators this last week. Familia Gallegos is a solid new family that we met this last week. They have a Christian background. We are currently teaching the mother and her two kids. The father is not yet involved, but we are working on it. We actually ran into Familia Gallegos on the street. Contacting on the streets can be nerve wracking at times, but the Spirit bluntly informed me to not let the family walk by without talking to them. Preach my Gospel also teaches that we must speak to everyone.  I stopped the family and began to explain our purpose as missionaries and they were quite receptive. They are from Mexico and cannot speak English at all. Normally, parents only speak Spanish and the kids can speak Spanish and English because of school. This family just recently moved from Mexico and the entire family is learning English. They are so friendly and I truly believe Heavenly Father put us in their path or put them in our path. Our first lesson, the family accepted Baptism for November 17th. I am very excited to get the proper fellowshipping involved so they can prepare themselves as a family for the scheduled date of Baptism.
We will be dropping off Elder Garza at the mission home tomorrow morning as his mission has come to an end. He will be returning home to Texas. After tomorrow, it will be just Elder Ramirez and I. Weird fact- I have been in a companionship of three on my mission longer then I have been in a companionship of two. It has been a pleasure serving with Elder Garza and Elder Ramirez for the first two weeks of this transfer and I look forward to continue serving with Elder Ramirez here in this area. I have learned a lot from them and am grateful for what they have taught me thus far. They are great Elders.
Hermano Mayans came to church once again. This man is just a miracle and a half. He is 80 years old and recently had a stroke. Has had a family full of members his whole life, but never was Baptized in the past. Many missionaries have tried to help him progress towards Baptism and Confirmation but never got anywhere. He has never had desires to get Baptized nor give up coffee. Since transfers, he has committed to be Baptized next month on thanksgiving weekend and completely gave up coffee with no hesitation. I honestly feel that Elders planted the seed years ago, it has been watered over the years and I am here just in time for the harvesting. The family is just amazed with the progress he has had these last few weeks. He keeps every commitment and although it is hard with his health, he is never late to church services. He knows The Book of Mormon is true. He knew President Thomas S. Monson is a prophet ever since he watched General Conference this month and is looking forward to entering into the waters of Baptism. We visited Hermano Mayans and the family a couple times this week and he showed us a watch he was given from one of his children. I asked if I could try it on after he informed us that it was $46,000. The watch was very heavy. I find no point in buying such a watch, but at least he pays a full tithe. We will be teaching him about fast offerings here soon as well.
UPDATE ON MY TASTEBUDS! Mom- I love tomatoes and Aunt Toni- I love Guacamole. Crazy how the mission changes people. Spiritually and Physically.
Missionary work is growing tremendously. The field is whiter then ever before, and it is harvesting. I love this Ward. I love my companions, soon to be companion. I love our current investigators. I pray often for the nine recent converts I taught back in Buena Park. I am grateful for all that I learned there. I am applying it all here this area and this Ward. I do not have more progressing investigators to report on, but more will come. I love my Savior. I testify that He lives. I testify as well that Joseph Smith could not have done all that he did without receiving the help of Heavenly Father. The Book of Mormon was translated by the power of God. We have a living prophet today who holds all the keys of the restored Gospel. Blessed are we. I love you all and appreciate the support given. Have a wonderful week family and friends. [Mark 8:35]
Until next week, 
Elder Harvey

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