Friday, November 8, 2013


This week was WONDERFUL! I first would like to apologize because I did not inform you all last week that we would be having a Temple trip this week which changed our preperation day. Instead of it being on Monday, it is today because we went to the Temple this morning.
We accomplished much this past week. As I mentioned last week, finding through our own efforts has been the focus in our planning. Although we have a few individuals preparing for Baptism this month, many of the other individuals we have, I consider potential investigators and nothing more. We manage to find new investigators on a regular basis in the Spanish program, but there also is a significant difference between the elect and the interested. The Spanish culture tends to be very welcoming and friendly even if they are not interested. Being invited into peoples homes to begin teaching them never has been a problem, but committing them to keep certain commitments sometimes is the struggle. The Gift of Discernment has played a crucial role in my mission thusfar. Finding on Halloween was not an option after 6:00pmlast week. President Bowen instructed us as a mission to do weekly planning from 6:00pm-9:00pm if we did not have set lessons beforehand. It was much more productive with the time of the Lord as finding would of been unrealistic. This area was WILD that evening to say the least.
The mission is truly prospering by degrees. I enjoy recognizing the Lords helping hand in this great cause as I look weekly key indicators from previous weeks. We are finding more, we are teaching more and more are being Baptized and Confirmed members of the restored Gospel. Familia Gallegos has made a big step. The two jovenes Daisy(16) and Mitchell(13) came to church last Sunday and enjoyed every minute. They were well fellowshipped by the youth of the Ward. The mother did not come to church and the reason is still unknown. She has not been present in the last three lessons we have had with her children, but in the most recent lesson, she came outside near the end of the lesson to say hello. We spoke about where they stand as a family in regards to our visits. The two jovenes have been on board since day one, but it was clear that the mother was unsure. The mother asked both her children with us if they were sincerely involved and interested in listening to our message. Both Daisy and Mitchell told her mother that they know this is "right" and that The Book of Mormon was translated by a Prophet of God. They also explained that they were wanting her permission to be Baptized on November 17th with or without her as that is a step they want to take. They both have learned so much since we met them and I believe the mother recognized that. I then boldly asked the mother what her thoughts are of our visits as missionaries. She told us that she has attended various churches in Mexico and here in Americe and still feels there is something missing. The lesson ended with our testimonies as representatives of the Savior, even Jesus Christ and they included the answer to her question. We both testified the way in which she can end her search for the fulness of the Gospel; reading The Book of Mormon daily, asking our Heavenly Father in prayer to know if the message it contains is true and coming to church where the Spirit of revelation dwells. They have commited as a family to do those three things. The mother is back on board like she was when we first met her and I am looking forward to see the three of them in the congregation this upcoming Sunday. Hermano Mayans, our other progressing investigator could be Baptized tomorrow if he wanted, but were are only waiting until November 30th as family will be in town for Thanksgiving. We still visit them during the week just  to mantain the desire he currently has to be Baptized and confirmed member of the church, because for over 70 years, he never had a desire or interest.
Not many words can explain the Temple Trip we had as a zone today. I really enjoyed the early morning to say the least. Our session started at 7:00am, which means that our day started at 5:00am. I really loved our time we had at the Temple and look forward to going again at the beginning of next year(we go to the Temple once every 3 months).
I must also mention how grateful I am for the revelation that I was given during Zone Conference this last week not only for the Ward I am serving in, and current investigators, but also for myself. I cannot express my gratitud enough to my Heavenly Father for all that he has given me, but I try my best through my diligence and obedience to the priciples and ordinances of the Gospel. I was taught during Zone Conference that discouragement is of the Devil. That had a great and positive impact on me. I imagine along with myself, many missionaries have felt and do feel at times that maybe they do not have a sufficient amount of knowledge of the scriptures, or feel they are inadaquate with the language they are learning, or do not feel worthy enough to assist the Lord in His work. Elder Ellis who spoke made it clear that ALL discouragement is of the devil. I know that I am imperfect. I will never be a perfect teacher, but I also know that Heavenly Father is pleased with all of our efforts in fulfilling our purpose as representatives of His Son, even Jesus Chirst. I am worthy. I have a desire to Serve God and I am consistantly learning. I love my mission. I love the people. I love the cause. Faith is the power. Obedience is the price. Christ is the reason and joy is my reward.
Until next week,
Elder Harvey

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