Monday, January 20, 2014


Hello Everyone,
I apologize again for the second week in a row that I did not e-mail on the ordinary Monday morning, but yesterday was Veterans Day and all public libraries were closed. This past week was great, very successful. It was full of memorable moments too. For example, 1) we were invited to eat dinner at the Stake Presidents house with two other Elders for dinner and something very embarrasing happened. Elder Ramirez and I showed up just a litte late, but when we got there, they told us to come in as they were already seated at the table. The front door was opened, but I did not see the screen door. I was the first to walk inside. I walked right into the screen door. It got a laugh out of everyone. 2) I taught Familia Mayans how to make Horchata. Elder Garza taught me how to make it when he was here. 3) For preperation day yesterday, I texted President Bowen to ask him something. I said, "Buenos Dias Presidente Bowen. Le puedo ganar en Ping Pong hoy dia. Elder Ramirez, Curtis, Quito y yo queremos hugar." (Good morning President. Can I beat you in Ping Pong today. Elder Ramirez, Curtis, Quito and I want to play.) I said it like that because just a few weeks ago, he told me we should come over sometime so he could teach me a lesson in Ping Pong. Little did he know that I practically grew up on a Ping Pong table and everyone knows that I like to play ping ping. We went over there and he began playing with Elder Ramirez and beat him while Elder Curtis and I were playing Basketball right next to the pincg pong table. He requested to play me next and I showed no mercy. I beat President Bowen 21-6. He would like a rematch in the future. It was a lot a lot of fun playing Ping Pong at the mission home for an hour. President Bowen only came out to play for 20 minutes when we were there, but I loved it. How often does a missionary play a game of Ping Ping with their mission President on Preperation day. I imagine that we will be going back to play Ping Pong on a preperation day in the future. All those experieneces that I have had are what make the mission even more memorable, but if there was one highlight for the entire week, it would be what I am about to tell you though. Four investigators came to church. Last week, Daisy and Mitchell came without their mother, but this week, they came as a family and they all enjoyed it a lot. The mother mentioned to us that she does not want to go to one church and her children going to another. The mother is currently going to a Christian Church with her mother-in-law, but Daisy and Mitchell enjoy coming to our Church services. We have commited the mother to give our church an opportunity to change her life by coming a few times, accepting lessons from us as missionaries, reading The Book of Mormon and praying to our Heavenly Father to know if it is true. She is commited to find out for herself because she wants to be at one church or the other, just as a family most importantly. It is only a matter of time before the Holy Ghost testifies to her that the fulness of the everlasting Gospel is found in The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. I know she will accept it. We will be having a lesson with the family tonight. We will teach the doctrine of Christ and explain the importance of Baptism and Confirmation. We will be confirming the Baptism of Daisy and Mitchell for this week during the lesson and set a Baptism goal for the mother in a couple weeks. I have been very grateful for the opportunity to work with this wonderful family. They are slowly recognizing the blessings that come from the restored Gospel. This part of the Lords vinyard continues to harvest. Many are coming unto Christ. Heavenly Father has blessed me and my companion with yet another wonderful week and I look forward to what He has in store for us this week. Have a wonderful week everyone. I love you all.
Until next week,
Elder Harvey

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