Monday, January 20, 2014


Every day, every week and every month of a mission is different. This past week was full of events that I was not expecting, both good and not so good. Lets start with transfers. We recieved transfer calls on Saturday like we normally do in week six of each transfer and we were informed that Elder Ramirez and I will be staying here in Fullerton this transfer. We were not suprised, because we both have only been here for one transfer. We will be in this ward at least another six weeks. I am grateful to stay here in this Ward to continue serving these people, both members and investigators. Yesterday, we did not have a Baptism as planned. both Elder Ramirez and I prayerfully decided that the Familia Gallegos needs a little more time to prepare themselves for Baptism. Niether of the children feel prepared enough and the mother has been present at some lessons and absent at others. This is a wonderful family, but needs a little more time before entering into the waters of Baptism. A few car accidents have occured in our mission just this last week. No worries, I was not apart of any of them. The California Anaheim Mission is one of the highest car crashing missions in the world. Over 20 missionaries this year have died from car and/or bike accidents. In California, we really need to be careful. As designated driver, I pray and we pray as a companionship for our safety as we travel much each day to our various lessons and meetings.
Buena Park 3rd Ward(my first ward) will soon be fully apart of the Anaheim mission. The Santa Ana South Spanish Stake consists of nine Wards. The Anaheim California Mission covers all of these Wards, but the Buena Park 3rd Ward which is split between the Anaheim California Mission and the Long Beach Mission. When I was serving there, there was three companionships from the Long Beach Mission and two companionships from the Anaheim Mission. It will soon be five companionships all from the Anaheim Mission. I know that means nothing to you all back home, but as a missionary here, it is big news. I recall when I was serving there, I was unable to go to the house of the Bishop, and all other members that lived on the Long Beach Mission side. This made it difficult to get to know all of the members and build our trust with them as missionaries of their Ward. The missionaries from Long Beach were unable to go to Stake activities becuase the rest of the Stake is within the Anaheim Mission boundaries. Now that this change has happened, the work will press forward much easier. I am sure the missionaries there will greatly appreciate it.
We also met with Familia Mayans this week. We planned the Baptismal Program for the Baptism of Hermano Mayans on November 30th. It will be an exciting day for the entire family and they are expecting many friends and family to come. We will make sure to contact as many non-members that come to the Baptism as possible. Baptismal services are great missionary opportunities. I am looking forward to this Baptism.
Old Faithful- The fire hydrant that exploded on Friday evening reminded of me when we went to Yellowstone as a family a few years back. I had to capture a picture as it reminded me of Old Faithful. The fire department was unable to stop the water for a few hours. It was quite the view from our apartment. I cannot think of anything else that happened this past week. I look forward to teaching the new investigators that we found this last week. We found 6 new investigators to teach this last week and they all are pretty solid. Have a wonderful week everyone.
Until next week,
Elder Harvey   

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