Monday, January 20, 2014


This week has been full of miracles. We have been encouraged to have the faith to find five new investigators each week. Our focus has been finding and we were able to find six new investigators this week. We found these new investigators through our own finding efforts; contacting in general as well as contacting former investigators. We did not have a Baptism as planned this Sunday. A lot has happened with Familia Gallegos this past week. On Saturday night, the mother informed us that although she enjoys going to our church services, she has no desire to discontinue going to her current Church or to get Baptized by someone that holds the restored Priesthood. On the other hand, Daisy, the oldest daughter said that she knows The Book of Mormon is true and wants to continue coming to our Church and get Baptized again by someone who holds the restored Priesthood of God. Mitchell, who has 13 years of age is now unsure and somewhere in the middle. The Familia Gallegos is literally split into thirds. We have mentioned to them that we do not want the family to be seperated from their faiths, but to also follow the promptings of the Holy Ghost in regards to what they should do as a family. We explained our purpose as missionaries to them and shared our testimonies of the reality of this message. We invited them to pray about what they now expect from our visits and to act on the answer they recieve. We await for their response until we meet with them again this week. Daisy and Mitchell came to Church yesterday without their mother but with her permission. Hermano Mayans also came to Church and will be Baptized this Saturday. The Baptism will be November 30th at 3:00pm. On Sunday Afternoon, he had his Baptismal interview with President Pugmire(a councilor to President Bowen) and it went very well. We are very excited for this Baptism as well as the family as they have been waiting for this miracle to happen for many years. I would also like to give report on another progressing investigator that we have, whose name is Rosalva. She was a refferal from her son who is a current investigator that is being taught by Elder Lindsay and Elder Andersen. We taught her this past week the Restoration of the Gospel of Jesus Christ using the short 20 minute DVD of it with Hermana Villegas present. We were unable to teach her husband because he was working, but hope to get him involved as well. We invited her to be Baptized on December 22nd and prompted by the Holy Ghost, she firmly accepted the invitation. She also came to Church yesterday with her son and told us that she loved it. Following the meeting, she mentioned that she wants us to come by this week when her husband is home so we can teach him and wants him to come to church with her next week. All that is a great sign. There is much potential in that home, and I look forward to continue teaching this family. The work of the Lord is truly pressing forward.
Until next week,
Elder Harvey

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