Monday, January 20, 2014


Last week was simply amazing. There were a couple obstacles to work around, but overall, it was a successful week. Being the week of Thanksgiving made it difficult to not only contact current investigators, but also find new ones. Kids were on vacation, families were in town visiting and others were out of town. We stayed busy with a different approach which was service.  We were given many opportunites to serve others and we took advantage each and every one of them. On Tuesday, we went over to a recent converts house, Hermano Aaron Garcia and helped him paint his chimney and also trim his lemon tree. Yes, he gave us a large bag of lemons for helping him out and that same day, we made lemonade. We also had Zone Meeting this last week and that went very well. On Thanksgiving day, President Bowen asked the zone I am in and two other zones to go to the Honda Center and spend our afternoon giving service. The Honda Center is like the Rose Garden, but for Hockey. For Thanksgiving, there was a sponsored group that fed thousands of people in need for Thanksgiving. It was a wonderful program. Our service was to clean up after everyone had ate. We picked up hundreds of tables and thousands of chairs. It took us almost four hours to do, but I enjoyed every minute of it. A majority of the people were Hispanic so if and when the opportunities came, we were also able to pass out pass-along cards and invite them to check out the website of the Church. For Thanksgiving dinner, we ate with a wonderful family that was recently Baptized into the church. They fed us a lot of food. I was so grateful for all they gave us, but I must say, it was not the same as Thanksgiving at home obviously. We were not given Turkey, stuffing or homemade gravy, but I know that they put their whole heart into preparing what they did for our entire District(8 missionaries) and I could not have asked for more. We had ham, potatoes and salad and it was very good. We also helped the Stake President, President Villegas build a retaining wall on Saturday in his front yard. Again, we stayed busy this week with opportunites to serve and through these opportunites, we were able to obtain referrals and build our trust with active members of the Ward. We did have a Baptism on Saturday and that went very well. Hermano Mayans has been Baptized and confirmed a member of the Church. Many family members came into town from different parts of the United States to be his support on such a memorable day. Edde Garza came back to see him be baptized as well. Edde Garza was my companion with Elder Ramirez for two weeks before ending his mission and returning to Texas where he lives. It was so nice to see him again. Hermano Mayans was baptized by his son, Junior Mayans. Ben Mayans(Junior Mayans son) was also in the Baptismal font to assist his father during the ordinance. The Spirit filled the room during the Baptismal service and many people came. I believe in total, ninety people came to the Baptism. On Sunday, Hermano Mayans was confirmed a member of the church and recieved The Gift of the Holy Ghost. Next week, he will recieve the Priesthood. That is about all folks for this week. I am 'bout out of time. I think that is because I caught Mom and Kenzie online at the same time as me, so we threw a couple e-mails back and forth to eachother. Enjoy the pictures everyone and I look forward to updating you all next week. Take care!
You cannot eat cookie dought without drinking some milk.
Trimming the Lemon tree at the Garcia's house.
-Elder Harvey

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