Monday, January 20, 2014


I feel that this last week was one of our best weeks together in Fullerton. We were able to manage our time wisely and keep finding as our priority. One of the reasons why I would consider this last week our best week together is because we not only obtained referrals, but we also found four new investigators. In the past, I have noticed that we have struggle with one or both of these key indicators, but this week, we found and obtained referrals so I am grateful for that a lot. One of the referrals we recieved this last week was from a part member, less-active family. I have seen great success with such referrals in the past, so I am very excited to help this part member, less-active family come unto Christ and recieve the restored Gospel as a family unit. Hermano Mayans has been interviewed by the Bishop and will recieve the Priesthood next week. Bishop is planning on having him as well as his son bless the Sacrament soon. I have enjoyed seeing Hermano Mayans progress after Baptism as well. The family has mentioned that they have seen a change in him a lot during this entire process. Hermana Rosalva also came to church yesterday. She came with one of her Nephews who is a member of the church and at one point was a Bishop in Tijuana, but now lives in Fontana California. She has been recieving such great fellowship from both Ward members as well as her own family. She will be Baptized on December 29th. Her husband however has not been receptive lately nor has he kept commitments that we have given. Saturday night, we stopped by and taught the Plan of Salvation and asked for her husband, Hermano Carlos to join us and he did not want to unfortunately. We pray that through the example of Hermana Rosalva, her husband Carlos will eventually accept the restored Gospel.
I had the privilage to go to one of my favorite family restaurants this last week; Buffalo Wild Wings. Elder Ramirez had his 22nd birthday on Wednesday, so we celebrated it on our preperation day last Monday by going to Buffalo Wild Wings with the entire district. It was GOOD! For the record believe it or not, we did not watch television. On Sunday, we were also given permission from President Bowen to watch the Christmas Devotional and I really enjoyed that. Other missionaries mentioned that missionaries never were given permission in the past to watch the devotional, so it was a great opportunity this year to hear a couple inspirational speakers speak to us during the Christmas season. I enjoyed the counsel that our beloved Prophet gave us during his short discourse and I invite all those who have not yet watched or hear this years Christmas devotional to do so. It was wonderful.
Well, remember everyone that I am still doing well here in California. I appreciate all the support, advice and love that I have been given from each and every one of you. I am not a perfect missionary, nor expect myself to be a perfect missionary. I feel as Ammon did, [Alma 26:12], but I try my best to become the missionary my Heavenly Father wants me to become. I love you all. Have a wonderful week.
The District in downtown Brea just before eating at Buffalo Wild Wings
Myself in the apartment eating a treat Familia Love gave my companionship for Christmas!
-Elder Harvey

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