Monday, March 25, 2013


Elder Mason Harvey's first week in the mission field. New adventures to come and he is so ready for them!

Hello Everyone,
I am out of the MTC and in Anaheim. This has been a busy first week. I do not know even where to start. The morning of 12th, I woke up at 4:15am to report to the travel office at the MTC. My two checked bags were about 45lbs each. There were twenty five missionaries flying to Anaheim that morning. That is a big group. I soon found out that myself and Elder Richards(MTC companion) were the only Spanish speaking Elders flying to Anaheim. All the others were different languages, but mainly English. We took a bus from the MTC to the aiport. I checked my bags and then I was able to have a quick phone call with family back home. It was nice to talk to you Mom and Dad, Grandma and Grandpa, and Kenzie and Shaun. Although the phone calls were very short, I enjoyed every second of them. The flight to Anaheim went well. The Mission President, President Bowen greeted us at the airport when we landed with other Elders to help him welcome us to the mission. It was nice to meet President Bowen and be greeted by them. President Bowen knew all of our names by heart as he has documents and a picture of each of us. He told us that he started praying for us before we even got to the mission. From the airport, we were loaded into a few vans to go to the mission office. There we all had seperate interviews with President Bowen and had lunch. I was able to send a quick e-mail home that I made it safely with a picture attached of the new group of missionaries that came in. Then we all were picked up at different times from our new companions. I also told myself in the MTC that I would like a companion that only knows Spanish so that I will learn Spanish quickly. I thought that would help me a lot. Those thoughts were running through my head as I waited with others to be picked up. I was called and went to the parking lot to meet my new companion and start. My new companion is Elder Martinez. He is from Mexico City, Mexico. This is the first time for him in the United Sates. He does not speak English. I guess my prayer was answered. He learned some English in the MTC, and some during his mission, but we together speak Spanish. I know that I am going to learn Spanish very quickly. My first area is in Buena Park. I am living in very nice apartments. The apartment complex is called, Madison Park. Elder Martinez and I went to our apartment with other Elders that have a car to drop off my stuff. The Elders that have a car, Elder Bunder and Elder Waite offered to let us use their bikes. We dropped off my suitcases and headed to an appointment. We had several appointments our first day. The work started right when I got here. The weather here is very nice and wearing short sleaves is very comfortable.  This is Elder Martinez's last twelve weeks of his mission and of course my first twelve weeks. He was just recently released as a zone leader, so he has a lot of experience. He has taught me well and I could not ask for a better companion. This week, we got to know some of our area and visited with some members. Both Elder Martinez and I are white-washing the area (meaning he is new to the Buena Park area and so am I). So, we had some lessons with some less-actives and active members. We also visited with some investigators that the missionaries left teaching records for. We had one investigator, Laura came to church yesterday with her three boys. We have a lesson with her tonight as well. She is our only progressing investigator currently, but that will change. I am loving the work. I am on a bike for my first twelve weeks. My leg is going to get strong very fast as we ride a lot throughout the day. Anyway, this last week has been busy. I look forward to this week ahead of me. I hope all is well back home. Letters are greatly appreciated. Also, if you so deisre to send me a letter or package, it must include my first name as well or it can possible be sent back.

 NEW ADDRESS: 2500 N. Bristol St. Santa Ana, CA 92706
Take Care everyone! [Isaiah 55:8-9]
-Elder Harvey


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  1. How totally cool that you prayed for and got a Spanish speaking native. We love you, Mason!