Monday, March 25, 2013


Time is going very fast in California. Mason loves his companion and is learning Spanish fast. He is also loving the weather!  

Hello Family & Friends,
This past week has flown by. I feel like I was here at the Anaheim Public Library just a day or two ago typing an e-mail home. The days here are all a huge blur. Elders say the the mission is just a huge day. I am understanding why they all say that. We are constantly doing something. Our schedules are busy from 6:30am-10:30pm every day and I love it. Elder Martinez and I really organized the area book this week which contains less active, active and former investigators information. This organization will help us be even more productive this week. We want to be as productive as possible because we are not on our schedule, we are on the Lords schedule. We have received a few new investigators this last week. There are so many people to teach. We currently only have one progressing investigator, Hermana Laura and she is preparing to be baptized on April 14th. I am very excited for her and we are continuing to teach her of course to help her prepare for such a special day. Yesterday, Elder Martinez and I really got to know the Bishop as he pulled us aside after sacrament to get to know us a little bit. He is a very nice man and the support from members here is great. We are fed every night and we have a member present for most of our lessons. It is important to have members present for a second testimony on the principles we teach. I am learning Spanish fairly quickly with Elder Martinez as my companion. Elder Martinez has trained three missionaries and he said that I am progressing with the language very well. It is nice to hear that as sometimes I get down on myself because I do not know all of it yet. Everyone knows I am competitive. I know that learning a language takes time. This past week, I went on exchanges for the first time with Elder Waite who is in my district. An exchange is where you basically change companionship's for one whole day. Stay at the other apartment, and work with another Elder in their area or they help you work in yours. I went to Elder Waites area and we were covering Buena Park East. I enjoyed the exchange. It was nice to just change it up a little. He is a great Elder and I would not complain if I am his companion in the future. I am already starting to get tan here as the sun is out every day and I am on a bike. My leg is getting stronger every day and I am starting to get strength back. California is full of crazy drivers so I have to be on top of it on the bike. Drivers do not seem to care about people on bikes or about anything else in general. I know my comments are scattered, but I am just trying to replay this week in my head. I am really growing spiritually out here so far. I may not know all of Spanish yet, but the Holy Ghost speaks in the same language and I feel it in our lessons we have. I know I do not have to know all Spanish for the Holy Ghost to be present. I feel good during our lessons and I know that the language will come as I continue to be diligent and work hard. Elder Martinez is a hard working missionary and he has high expectations as this is his last twelve weeks in the field. I am grateful to be his companion and have high goals for me personally as these first twelve weeks as a missionary are crucial. These weeks are where good habits are made and a lot of learning takes place. My journal is filling up as I write in it every night my thoughts of the day. I am loving the mission and the opportunity I have to give selfless service to the people of Anaheim. I know that this message we share is very important and I care for the people we teach. These are my brothers and sisters. I love being here and serving. It is not easy work and I know I would not be able to handle it if I was not worthy of the companionship of the Holy Ghost. There is only one way to preach this gospel. It is by the power of the Holy Ghost and by those who live it. You can not teach the gospel of Jesus Christ if you do not live by the principles, but when principles are lived and practiced, you can then teach with power. I am very grateful for the knowledge I have and the peace this gospel brings to my life. I continue to search for the children of God who have been prepared to hear the message of the Restoration by my companion and I. I know there are many who seek truth in their lives, but know not where to find it. I am here in Anaheim to find those brothers and sisters of mine that are searching. What a privilege it is to be a representative of Jesus Christ and share this eternal message. My testimony continues to increase as well as my knowledge. I love missionary work and I know that even though we are not all in suits and ties every day, we can all be missionaries whether it by sharing your testimony, or by leading by example. I hope all is well back home and I look forward to being filled with more experiences this week to share with all of you next week. Take care everyone! Just a random thought, all that are not members whom are reading this entry, I invite you to accept missionary visits to just give it a try and learn a little more about what The Chruch of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is all about. Just give it a try. hahah Look at this, I am trying to do missionary work all the way from California. I love you all, and until next week, take care!  SORRY NO PICTURES THIS WEEK. WAY TO BUSY!
 -Elder Harvey

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