Saturday, April 6, 2013


Great week for Elder Mason Harvey. Spanish is coming along great. He is loving his time in California.  Send him letters!!

Time is really flying here in the mission field. I think that is because every minute we are doing something, therfore, we have no time to think about time. This last week was wonderful. We attended a Baptism last night with two of our investigators. We have really been working hard and Elder Martinez has really been helping me with my Spanish. My spanish is coming along very quickly. I have been helping Elder Martinez with some of his English as well. He is a great companion. Before I forget, let me share with you what happened yesterday at church for Easter Sunday. We arrived to church a little early as all missionaries do to greet members as they arrive to church and hand them a program. Hermano Sanders who is the first counciler in the Bishopbric walked up to Elder Martinez and I and told us that he would like us to be the speakers for the meeting. I assumed he was talking about a Sunday coming up, but as he continued, I found out that he was talking about the meeting that was starting in fifteen minutes. I then stopped passing out programs and began to prepare a talk that I was going to be sharing in less then a half hour. This is one way to test how well you know a language. I was terrified due to the fact that I had no sources. I only take my Spanish scriptures to church too. Elder Martinez told me to just go up there with one or two scriptures in mind that talk about the Ressurection of Jesus Christ because it was Easter and let the Holy Ghost do the rest. That is what I did. The words that I shared came quite freely out of my mouth and the nervousness went away the second I began to speak. I know that the Gift of Tongues is real. I know that the Holy Ghost help me with my talk. After the meeting, members would not believe me that it was only my third week out in the mission field. Comments like those are nice to hear, because I have been hard on myself with the laguage here and there. I am on the right track though. It cannot all come in the first month, but I look forward to how much I will know as I continue to be obedient and take advantage of my study hours. I am loving the mission. A mission is not easy, but it has been the most spiritually growing experince I have had and I have only been out here for under a month. I look forward to what it ahead. I am loving riding bike right now. I may as well stop updating the status of my leg, because honestly, it is basically back to normal. I am still taking it easy and continuing my excercises and will for my whole mission, but the improvement so for has been exponential. Pardon me for any spelling errors. The Spanish is really growing on me. For some reason I feel that "exponential" is spelt wrong, but I do not know what to fix. haha. The missionary work here is endless though. We are teaching a lot and the Spanish people are very nice. I have learned two things about the spanish people. 1) When you have dinner with them, after you finish the first plate, they sometimes just take you plate to put more on it and you ask for just alittle more food on your own, they do not understand the word "Me gustaria un poco mas" (I would like a little more). The second plate will at least match the first plate, if not, more. The food is very delicious. Most meals consist of chicken, rice beans, tortillas and everything else that goes good with that. Every family has their own little difference though on how they make the food. I have not gained a pound yet on my mission if any were wondering. I bike a lot so the dinners make up for the biking all day. I cannot think of anything more to share. The work is pretty repetitive and me weeks are melded all together. We Find, Teach and Baptize. Pictures in the next few weeks will hopefully be of some people in white clothes that are about to enter into the waters of Baptism. This weeks picture is just of me writting in m journal as Elder Martinez was checking out my camera. Honestly, there really has been no time for pictures. I will capture some though. Especiaaly on preperation days like today. I will have a better photo next week, I promise. Any way, I know that many people are ready to hear the message of the fulness of the Restored Gospel. Oh yeah, I crashed on the bike this last week. That was after I sent my last e-mail. I almost forgot to include it in this e-mail. No worries, I am okay and the crash did not involve anyone else. It was late at night and we were returning the the apartment and I could not see a cable that was on the sidewalk helping support telephone pole. I do not know why those cables are on the sidewalks like they are, but basically one closelined me while riding. I just did not see it. I went right over the handle bars and got a couple cuts. The first thing I thought of when I hit the ground was my right femur, but I do not know why I thought of that first, because I know I cannot break that again. HAHA I simply only got some cuts on my hands and arms. They are already gone. Everything is okay. This is just a typical missionary experience. I felt bad though because I was riding another Elders bike (Elder Waites) and gave it some scratches too, but he did not mind. I continued to feel bad about it until he told me to read a scripture in the Bible [Colossians 3:2] After reading that scripture, I did not really care about the scratches I put on his bike. HAHA He made me feel better. I am picking up my bike today. Well, I cannot think of more to share. I am well and I hope all is well back home. I know my thoughts are scattered in my e-mail, but I just type what comes to mind. I love you all, and until next week, take care.
-Elder Harvey

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