Tuesday, April 9, 2013


Mason is busy with the work and loving every second he has in California. He loved watching Conference and has a HUGE testimony of the gospel. Enjoy!!

Hello Family and Friends,
This past week has been wonderful. I continue to learn and grow as a missionary and each week is just getting better. I am learning the language more and more each week. I am learning more of the doctrine of the Gospel every day. I am really loving my mission. I honeslty feel that time is going by too fast. I am really loving the work I am doing. I cannot believe I am only two weeks away from my first transfer. I will be staying in Buena Park with Elder Martinez, but that is how missionaries measure time here on the mission. We have been teaching and teaching and teaching. As a missionary, it is hard to explain in words exactly what happened during the week. One great thing that happened was General Conference. I do not know here to begin with that. Watching conference as a missionary for the first time was different, but I loved it. It was great to hear that almost every speaker touched on missionary work. That just shows how important this work is. Missionary work is greater then ever before and I am grateful to be serving a mission right now. It is a privilage and honor to have the name Jesus Christ on my chest representing him, preaching His gospel. I forgot to blink during conference. Every speaker spoke words of truth like always and we all as brothers and sisters can relate to these words shared. We did not have any investigators watch conference with Elder Martinez and I so we were able to watch it in English. If we did have investigators with us, we would have to watch it in Spanish. At this point in my mission, I would prefer English. The Holy Ghost taught me many things during conference. We are so very blessed to have a living profeta today who leads and guides us as well as fourteen other apostles. How blessed are we to have this guidance is these last days. How crucial it is live on the words taught. My mission is going very well. It has been overwhelming at times, but during those times, I simply think of when our Savior Jesus Christ was a missionary and what he went through. There truly is no comparison. I know that it is not just Elder Martinez and I preaching the Gospel. We have our Savior Jesus Christ assisting us in this work. I have felt the power of the Holy Ghost tremendously during my mission. Satan truly has a lesser influence on us when we whole heartedly live the principles of the Gospel. We are imperfect, but as it was said in conference, our Heavenly Father has always worked with imperfect people, including a 14 year-old by who restored the Gospel. How great of a calling it is to be a missionary. God truly does bless the righteous. My leg is no longer a worry, the Spanish language is coming quickly, people are here who want to be taught and Baptismal dates are scheduled in our planner. God truly does work through miracles. I am witnessing them on my mission. I will continue to witness them and ask for them as I continue to give my all to this work. I know this Gospel is true and will be eventually established among the whole world whether in this life, or the life after. This church is the Church of Jesus Christ himself. I know that he leads the church through a living prophet, President Thomas S. Monson. My testimony continues to grow of this truth and I look forward to what is in store for me here in California. Always remember what was said in conference by Elder Russell M. Nelson, we all can catch this wave of this great work. Put your shoulder to the wheel. This is eternal life we are talking about. Until next week, take care everyone.
-Elder Harvey

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