Thursday, April 25, 2013


Mason is learning Spanish very quickly with his companion. Mason also got to visit the Newport temple today. He LOVED it! Enjoy!

Hello Everyone,
This week has been wonderful. It honestly is hard to look back and remember what happened during the week because we are always working. I really am giving my whole heart to this mission. I am not slowing down either. I will always remember what I heard in the MTC, "Obedience brings blessings, exact obedience brings miracles." I know that statement is true. Heavenly Father can perform miracles through me as I continue to be a righteous servant. I know on my plane ride home, I will look back with no regrets. My whole heart is in this mission. Anyway, my Spanish is really coming along. Elder Martinez has truly been a real blessing for me as I learn Spanish. Many American Elders probably have the temptation of just simply speaking English to eachother, but I do not really have that temptation. I really have been blessed as I have a bike for my leg and an Elder from Mexico for my Spanish. I have recieved countless blessings while serving here on the mission. My knowledge of the doctrine continues to increase daily. I have a strong immovable testimony of this church and enjoy planting seeds here in Anaheim California. [1 Corinthians 3:6] we plant the seeds and water, but our Heavenly Father through the power of the Holy Ghost gives the increase. I am not converting anyone on my mission. The Holy Ghost must be the teacher as that is the only way to preach the Gospel. Many believe to that the purpose of serving a mission is knocking on doors and eventually baptizing. Believe it or not, that is completely the opposite. [1 Corinthians 1:17] "For Christ sent me not to baptize, but to preach the Gospel." Baptism is only the beginning. Knocking on doors is the last resort. We are to find through members. We need to teach with members. There are sons and daughters that our Heavenly Father has prepared to recieve this Gospel and knocking on doors is the worst way to find them. Before my mission, I did not fully comprehend the importance of members in missionary work. Therfore, members, give the missionaries referrals, teach with the missionaries when you can as a third testimony. This time serving a mission is very valuable and the members can help the missionaries use their time more productively. Missionary work doesn't start until you find someone to teach, and the solid investigators come from members. Elder Martinez and I are very blessed with member support here in Buena Park and missionary work is really moving along. As I said in my previous e-mail that was shared in General Conference, "Everyone can catch the wave." Share your testimony with your friend. If you cannot find a desire or reason to share your testimony, think of all the blessings this Gospel has brought to your life and then ask yourself again why it might be important to share, invite and help others come unto Christ. The only difference between me as a missionary and you members back home is the badge. Therfore, give the missionaries referrals, go and teach with them on your day off, share your testimony when a friend asks a question and always be a Christlike representative of His restored church. You will then feel what is explained in [Mosiah 28:3]: You will want Salvation for all your friends and knowing that they don't have this truth will cause your heart to quake and tremble on their behalf. I am trying to express the things I have learned early on here in my mission, but I am only scratching the surface. My thoughts are scattered, but my testimony is clear and firm. The message of the restored Gospel is for everyone at one time or the other. This "rolling rock" of the restored Gospel cannot be stopped. We are simply commanded to help it roll faster. I am lov ing my mission. Countless memories are made every day and I look forward to the future. There is endless work here and I am getting lost in it. I had the wonderful opportunity to go to the Newport Beach Temple today and do some Temple work. Words cannot describe the beauty of that Temple nor the Spirit that is present within the walls. I really enjoyed the experience and look forward to returning in three months. Until next week, take care.
-Elder Harvey

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