Thursday, April 25, 2013


Mason is one transfer through his mission and cant believe it. ITS GOING SO FAST!! He almost had a baptism this week and has some new investigators. Enjoy!

Hola Familia,
Another week has flown by here on the mission. I feel like I was in the other Library typing an e-mail just yesterday. I have completed one transfer on the mission already(6 weeks) and it has honestly felt like one long week. This week, the Stake hosted a Mormon Helping Hands at the Heritage Museum of Orange County. It was a wonderful turn out and we did a lot of service. There seemed to be more hands then there was work, but that is a good problem to have I suppose. I ran into the other missionaries for the first time whom were in my District in the MTC. It was nice to catch up with them and see how they were doing. Service is a great way to find people to teach. Service is a commandment of God and we should always look for opportunities to serve one another [Mosiah 2:17]. Last night, we were supposed to have two Baptisms; Laura and her son, Alejandro. Unfortunately, they moved this past week unexpectedly and are now outside our mission boundaries. A picture of them in white about to enter into the waters of Baptism was what I was going to attach to this e-mail, but her time was not last night. I know her time is in the near furute. We are currently trying to pass her records to the misisonaries where she is living now so that the work can continue. This last week, Elder Martinez and I recieved six new investigators. I am looking forward to helping them progress and recieve the endless blessings this Gospel brings. Lately, we have been focusing on getting members involved so they can fulfill their role in this work. I touched on that in my previous e-mail. In Preach My Gospel, it explains more thoroughly the role of members and the blessings that come when members become missionaries as well. President Henry B. Eyring in our most recent General Conference shared [D&C 38:40-42]. Everyone is to labor with all their might to prepare and accomplish the things which God has commanded. It goes on to say that our preaching must be a warning voice, every man to his neighbor in mildness and meekness. We must be clean and bear the vessels of the Lord. We are all commanded to this work. This is the scripture that we have shared with members recently. As I have said before, time as a misisonary is valuable and we do not want to waste a minute. We are constantly looking for ways to be more productive. Last week cruised by and I look forward to this week. I know Heavenly Father can put people whom are ready in our path. I am loving this work and continue to water my testimony. I thank you all for the support. The e-mails from family and friends are my fuel here on the mission. So, remember, Elder Harvey is always grateful to recieve a letter. Love you all! Take care!
-Elder Harvey

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