Monday, April 29, 2013


Mason had some ups and downs this week. He has a baptism in the future and is excited about that. Enjoy!

Hello Everyone,
This past week has been another great one. The zone has changed a little as new missionaries came in and missionaries leaving. I am still with Elder Martinez for five more weeks and then I recieve a new companion as he will have completed his mission. Our district recieved a new missionary whom is waiting for a visa to go to Argentina. There are now five of us one companionship consists of three missionaries now. We all are covering the Buena Park area. Yes, I do hear and see the fireworks of Knotts and Disneyland every night. I am loving this area and there is endless work. This past week, I have been going on runs in the morning with Eler Martinez. The most I ran was two and a half miles without stopping. That tells you all how much my leg has been strengthened since I left for the mission. I look forward to continue strengthening it every morning and on my preperation days. We set up another Baptismal date for this next month. This transfer should consist of at least two Baptisms is all goes well. The other missionaries of our Disrtict had a Baptism just last night of the Gomez family. We had an investigator present at the service and we recieved great thoughts from her after. I know that she felt the spirit and is on her way to entering into covenant with our Heavenly Father in the near future. There was a couple days that were rough this week. The number of lessons we had were our lowest yet, but our efforts are still 100%. I know that Heavenly Father knows Elder Martinez and I are putting all our efforts into this area. So, at the end of the week, numbers are numbers. What matters most is that we are giving it our all. Weekly planning each week always gets me excited for the following week. We make plans to fulfill our goals and we have goals to make our visions reality and the visions that come to pass complete our purpose as missionaries. Every time we visit an investigator, I picture them in white clothing entering into the waters of Baptism as I have said before. I picture them as future members with callings. Having visions of what they become allow you to make the proper goals to get there. I relate my mission to a few versus I read this past week during my studies. In [Alma 36], after Alma was converted, he had no greater desire then to teach others the Gospel so that they might feel the same peace and joy that he felt after being converted [Alma 36:24 I think]. This Gospel is true, the Atonement of Jesus Christ is real and the blessings are eternal. Giving people this opportunity is my joy. As a representative of Jesus Christ, I have learned to teach as Alma did, with boldness and charity [Alma 38:12]. I am loving my mission. I have learned so much and have strengthened my testimony tremendously. All is well here in Anaheim and the Gospel is being spread. This work continues to press forward and cannot be stopped. Until next week, seek ways to come closer to our brother, Jesus Christ. If you have been surrounded by an LDS environment, but have not been interested to learn, I invite you to read [Doctrine and Covenants 39:5-10] and relate this scripture to your life. Until the next time I am in the Anaheim Public Library, have a great week.
-Elder Harvey

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  1. It's tough not to watch the numbers when you have to report stats, but in the end, it's hearts converted that count--including your own. Wahooo, Mason! You are wonderful!