Thursday, May 9, 2013


Mason had a dream in spanish!!!! Short and sweet this week. Cant wait to talk to him on mothers day!!!

Hello everyone,
       This week, I had my first dream in Spanish. I thought that I would mention that in this e-mail. I am literally surrounded by Spanish. The Spanish is coming along very quickly and I am grateful for that. If there was a lot of things that changed this week from last week, I would mention it, but really, there is not. Investigators are progressing, people to teach are being found and lessons are being taught. We have one investigator named, Hermana Diana Westmartin who is from Peru that is basically walking towards Baptism. She is preparing to be Baptized the 26th of this month. Missionary work is really becoming real for me. In the MTC, we taught our teachers whom are members as our investigators. Here, we are teaching actual people who want to change and draw nearer to Jesus Christ. There is a different level of Charity within you as a missionary. The people that you serve are all you think about. How you can improve your teaching to meet the needs of the investigators always crosses your mind. We think of members who investigators need as a friend, we think of scriptures they need to hear, we think of commitments that will strengthen their conversion most. We never stop thinking of our investigators. The promptings of the Holy Ghost directs this work. I know that Jesus Christ is on the right side and left of those who choose to preach His gospel [Doctine & Covenants 84:87-88]. There are many whom desire our message, but simply know not where to find it [Doctrine & Covenants 123:12], and we will not find those whom are ready unless we put all our efforts into the work [Doctrine & Covenants 123:17]. The secret to missionary work is work. My knowledge of my purpose as a missionary and the gospel continue to increase each wand every day. My knowledge of the scriptures is greater then ever before. They are truly growing on me. This work is moving quickly here in Anaheim. This mission recieves approximately 520 Baptisms per year in the Spanish Wards, 1-2 Baptisms within a companionship per month. That is a lot. This work is beyond Baptism. The most important principle of the Gospel is to endure to the end [Mosiah 4:11-15]. We want our investigators to not only enter into the Baptismal Covenant, but to go through the Temple with their families a year following their Baptism. This work is greater then ever before and is never going to stop. All is well here in Anaheim and I hope all family is well too. Until next week, Love you all!    
     -Elder Harvey

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  1. Yahooooooooo!!! First dream in Spanish is a real landmark. I'm not surprised that it came so quickly. You are super smart, after all. But still--how cool! It's a great day when you are no longer translating things from Spanish to English and back again, but rather just understanding it in whatever language it is.

    It's even more exciting to hear how you're letting the Holy Ghost drive the work. What a great experience, to lean heavily on the divine power given as your constant companion. Glad the work is zooming along! Loads of love to you, Elder!