Wednesday, March 13, 2013


Elder Harvey is getting anxious to leave the MTC to teach the people of Anaheim and enjoy the warmer weather.

Hello Family and Friends,

           The days have passed quickly. The amount of doctrine that I have learned so far on my mission is tremendous. In four days, I will be in Anaheim testifying that Jesus is the Christ. I am so excited for this opportunity I have to serve the Lord. I am also grateful that Spanish is coming along quite well. I have a lot to learn, but I have also learned a lot too. I feel like a geek here in the CCM(MTC) sometimes when I have sets of note cards hanging from my backpack as I walk to class, but I do not care, because learning Spanish was an assignment given to me from God. Everyday, I feel the comfort of the Holy Ghost as I continue to press forward in this work. The mission has never been easy, and never will be, but it will always be worth it. This past Sunday was a Fast Sunday and I decided to leave my zone with my testimony. I am grateful for others testimonies here as well as they all build us up. I love everyone here in the CCM even though I do not know them all. I still love them all because I know we are all here for the same purpose. That is enough knowledge for me to love each and every missionary here in the CCM. This last week, I was able to watch a wonderful clip of a previous devotional spoken here by Elder Jeffrey R. Holland called; "Missions are forever". He said that a mission is not an just an obligation, rather a mission is an obligation and a privilege. Our missions are real life. We do not return home to "real life." This is real life. I echo the testimony Elder Holland shared about missionary work. I know that mans extremity is Gods opportunity to work through us. We need to make our missions our home and make it feel like we are leaving home when our missions come to an end. We are to strengthen our brethren after we are converted. Serving a mission is not a sacrifice. Serving a mission is an investment for our eternal salvation and we must teach the Gospel His way. His way is by the power of the Holy Ghost. Elder Holland reminded me that our power to teach boils down to our obedience. How can I possibly teach someone in California the importance of the straight and narrow path when I am not on it myself. My prayers night and day is for strength against the adversary. I want to bring others onto Christ as they all are Gods children. I have felt the strength since the minute I was set apart as a missionary in the evening of January 28th. I know that as I continue to be obedient, the Lord will bless me with not only strength against the adversary but also the Gift of Tongues. I have learned a lot about myself here at the CCM and I am very excited to share this message of the Restored Gospel with my brothers and sisters in Anaheim. I pray for the people in Anaheim daily. I know that God has prepared His children all around the world for individual missionaries here in the CCM. I look forward to finding those prepared people. I enjoyed hosting for the last time this past Wednesday. A little under five-hundred missionaries came in last week. Believe it or not, that is a smaller number then normal. To give you an idea, I entered into the CCM with about eight-hundred and thirty other missionaries. Since the age change, eight hundred missionaries has been about the number. My leg has continued to strengthen here as I work on it every day. It is amazing how many missionaries take gym too seriously and injure themselves which postpones their departure from here. I have counted at over twenty missionaries who have told me that they injured themselves and now have a new departure date. An intense game of Basketball is not worth postponing my departure date. I have been riding the bike a lot and have noticed a difference. One thing I have noticed recently is that my right leg is tremendously smaller though. It is the strongest yet since the accident, but it is also the smallest. I have been told that it is normal and that continuing to work out will build it up again. I have been done with this CCM food for a long time now. I still am fairly light weight, but I am working on it. I weigh 145lbs currently. That is some improvement from my worst state of 130lbs two weeks after my accident. I have not gained any weight here in the CCM. I left 145lbs as well. I am just bringing up random stuff, but I figure that it is better then just not typing. All is well here. I hope all is well back home. I thank all who have sent me letters and Dear Elders to me while I have been here in the CCM. They are greatly appreciated. I must go iron all my shirts now for another wonderful week as a missionary. Next weeks e-mail is coming from California. Take care everyone!
[Matthew 26:41]

-Elder Harvey

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