Wednesday, June 5, 2013


Busy week for Elder Mason Harvey! Enjoy!

Hello Family,
This past week has been the busiest week so far in my mission. It also included a wonderful Baptism and Confirmation of on of our investigators. Hermana Diana. She is from Peru and was so ready to recieve the Gospel when we contacted her and has just come a long ways. We had seven member present lessons this week which is right where we need to be, and we just had an overall great week. It really is hard to explain what happened. Time is much different on the mission. It is hard to keep track of time when you truly never think about yourself. The Christlike attributte, Charity has really grown within me so far here on my mission as the mission is basically selfless service. I am loving it. I knew that I was going to recieve a new companion this week as Elder Martinez has ended his mission, but Thursday night, I recieved an unexpected phone call. The Thursday's before transfers are leadership calls. President has asked me to train this next transfer. I am now companions with Elder Waite training Elder Flake who is waiting to report to Argentina. Yes, we are a companionship of three Elders. We all have nicknames. I am "Peter" and they are "James and John." A companionship of three will be something to get used to, but I have been on exchanges with Elder Waite and I love him. I am very excited to work with him while training Elder Flake. About my last area, Elder Martinez and I really left it better then when we got there as Sister missionaries will be living there now. I was shocked that I was going to leave the area, but I looked at the area book and the people we are teaching, and 10 out of the 12 we were teaching were Sister investigators. That fact testified to me that Heavenly Father knows where he wants each missionary to serve and at what time in the whole world and he controls where they serve through Mission Presidents. I do not know why I have moved to another area just east of my first area, but I look forward to finding out, because I know that there is a reason behind it. I also know that the Sister missionaries will do very well starting where we left off. Not a lot of time this week. Transfer weeks are very busy, especially when you are being transferred, but I am loving the work. I thank you for the support and prayers on my behalf. Have a great week everyone.
-Elder Harvey

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