Tuesday, July 23, 2013


Great week for Elder Mason Harvey!!! Enjoy!!!

Hello Family and everyone else,
      This week has been great. I am having a hard time knowing where to start. I will just type as I look through the plans we had throughout the week in my planner. First off, I believe our planning makes all the difference. We have plans for every half hour and back-up plans for every half hour as well. We always have something to do and someone to call as our "To Do List" is always full as well. I know that the better we prayerfully plan, the more productive we are with the Lords time. This past week, we found a former family whom are ready to be taught again which is exciting. Finding formers that have already been taught by missionaries already and want to be taught again is always exciting. We could not have asked for more new investigators this week either. We recieved thirteen new investigators in the past seven days. That is a miracle in itself. We had thirty lessons this past week which is a misison high for me personally. I could consider that a tender mercy from the Lord because half of them were with a member present. The help from the members has jumped since that wonderful broadcast and we are grateful for it. When members who can relate to a specific investgator and bear testimony of a specific principle that is according to the needs of the investigator, progress begins. I have witnessed it many times on my misison. As I have said before, we have all been commanded to do missionary work. The only difference between us and members of the church is that us as missionary, this is all we do for either 18 months or 24 months. As members of the church though, we need to always look for opportunities to do missionary work. And as we do so, we are only fulfilling the Lords purpose. I believe Christ would explain his purpose along the lines of, "Invite others to come unto me by helping them recieve the Restored Gospel through faith in me and my Atonement, Repentence, Baptism, recieveing the Gift of the Holy Ghost, and Enduring to the End with the help of faithful members of the church and full-time missionaries." As a missionary and a representative of Jesus Christ, our purpose is His purpose. Our will is His will. He is at the head of this great and marvelous work. I know it with all the surety of my heart. I would not be able to set aside two years to serve a mission if I didn't know. The miracles I see every day only add to the testimony I have. Christ lives. Heavenly Father loves all of us. He shows His love for us in many ways, we need to recognize them. The Atonement of Jesus Christ was made for all those who accept Him. Jesus Christ did not know who was going to accept the Gospel and who would not, but He suffered for those who would accept it. This past week, we have found many people whom have been prepared to accept Jesus Christ and His Gospel. I testify also that this work is not going to end until everyone recieves the opportunity. This last week was full of miracles and blessings. Our mortal experiences are what help us become more like Jesus Christ. I have learned so much on my mission that will help me stay on the narrow path that leads to the presence of my Father in Heaven. Nothing can buy the blessings that come from serving a mission, only hard work can. I love you all and think of you often. Take care everyone and have a great week. 
         -Elder Harvey

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