Tuesday, August 6, 2013


Another great week for Elder Harvey. Enjoy!!!

Hello Family,
Another week has cruised by on the mission. This week was another great one. The Lord continues to bless us in this area. We have a few Baptisms planned for August and I am really excited. I cannot believe that I have been serving a mission for 6 months already. Time has flown by. I think the secret to missionary work is just work. I have been working hard from day one and live by exact obedience and time has just flown. I cannot believe that I have already cut off a quarter of my mission. I have grown tremendously on my mission and am very grateful for the experiences I have had. We have seen miracles every day here in this area. We have also recieved great help from members in the work of the Lord as well. Some investigators were dropped this past week, and new investigators were found. That is just how missionary work goes though. When changes like that are made though, we are only just that much closer to the person or family that has been prepared and is ready to accept the Gospel. I love this work. I love my area. I love my Ward. I love my companions. I honestly can say that I have no complaints. The member dinners here are wonderful still. We run in the morning and excercise at lunch to keep up with the food we are blessed with. I believe there is no better way to end a Fast then with a Spanish family. Speaking of which, Fast Sunday is next week.. I am stoked. We managed to get three investigators with Baptismal dates to church yesterday. We were hoping for more, but we will take what we can get. We are shooting for ten investigators at church next week and we have the numbers to do it. I love ending the weeks on the mission sitting with investigators in the congregation being taught by the Spirit. I know that the Lord loves His servants, the missionaries. I can feel His love for me every day on the mission reminding me how grateful He is for the help He recieves in His work. I know I could not assist in this work alone. I have felt a strength beyond my one here on the mission. I know that only the obedient can help this great cause press forward. Heavenly Father gives me hope in times of discouragement. He blesses me with energy if the day feels long and He blesses us with success in His work according to our obedience. I have learned that on the mission, days never go exactly as planned, investigators who we think are ready are dropped, goals are not always reached, some days feel longer then others and although we are giving the mission all our effort, we still make mistakes and errors. This happens to every missionary, but these experiences are what help us grow and become like our Savior, even Jesus Christ. I am grateful for my tribulations as a missionary. I know that they are only to help me become more Christlike. Without trials, we could not become Christlike. We are agents unto ourselves on whether or not we become Christlike. My testimony is immovable. My understanding is clear. I love my Savior and I know this is where He wants me to me. California is wonderful. I have no complaints. If it be Gods will, I will be sending a few pictures of investigators in white in the month of August, so stay tuned. Take care Family and Friends. I love you all. 
-Elder Harvey

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