Tuesday, August 6, 2013


Great week for Elder Harvey. He is so happy and loves being a missionary! Enjoy!

Dear Family and Friends,
Another wonderful week has gone by on the mission. I am so grateful for all the blessings that we recieved from the Lord this past week. We have seen much progress in our investigators this week. I can literally see the Gospel affecting every aspect of their lives. One of our investigators is named Irma Sanchez and let me tell you, she was spiritually fed this week. We met with her last Monday and taught her the Gospel of Jesus Christ. She also had two kids listen along as well. Our lessons were usually at her house, but this past week, they were in the Chapel becuase her brother who lives with her is not a fan of Mormons at all. Hermana Irma is ready to accept the Gospel and is, just little by little. Her main concern is one that many have here; her entire family is Catholic and she is not sure she can make that kind of transition. With time, knowledge and understanding, that concern will go away. We then saw Hermana Irma and her kids come to the first music class on Thursday that the Hermana missionaries put together. It went very well as the family is interested in learning music. That activity really helped bring our ivestigators and the members together. Mid-week, we taught Hermana Arce whom is a mother of four and is accepting the Gospel alone. Her family is not interested still in learning, but Hermana Arce is completely on board. She has recognized the Spirit during lessons and is preparing to be Baptized at the end of this month. As Lehi did, Hermana Arce has been touched by the Spirit and now desires for her family to recieve the Gospel. We are working ways we might be able to get the family more involved, becuase we all know this message is meant for families rather then just individuals. One way or the other, with time, the family will follow the example of Hermana Arce.
This Saturday, we had a morning soccer activity. Another way we thought we could bring the investigators and members together and we got good results. We have a few members there and five investigators. It went well. We picked up a couple potential investigators while we were at it. We had a spiritual thought at the beginning which sparked some interest in some non-members and then played some soccer. All the investigators that came were from Guatemala, and they were good at soccer. Near the end of the activity, an organized soccer team of 18 came onto the field to practice. They all were from Jamaica. I went over to tell them that we were done and that they could use the nicer grass of the park we were using for their practice. One of them asked me when we are coming back to play and I told them we are planning on playing everySaturday at 9am if we get good numbers. His reply was, "We will be here at nine next Saturday to play against you." HAHA I did not have a good feeling about it. Things started to run through my mind such as- "Guatemala vs. Jamaica, competitive, rough and injuries." When these activities are only for finding opportunities amd bringing fellowship to our investigators from the members. All will go well next Saturday. Everything will be all right. I hope.
This Sunday went very well. Hermana Arce came for a third week in a row, we found her three weeks ago and has not missed church since. Hermana Irma Sanchez came with two of her older children as well, Ricardo(12) and Melanie(10). We had four investigators at church which was great. They all stayed for the three hours which is long for some. In the evening, Hermana Arce and Hermana Irma with her two children also came to a Baptism we had in the zone. This was an opportunity for them to see what a Baptismal service is like and to also be taught by the spirit while watching someone enter into covenant with Heavenly Father. The Spirit was present during the Baptism and I know they were all touched by it. All got emotional too, so I suppose that is a good sign too. President Bowen and Sister Bowen were at the Baptism as well so it was a pleasure to see them.
I am so grateful for the investigators that the Lord has blessed us with in this area at this time. These investigators are my Brothers and Sisters. They are also precious children of our Father in Heaven. I know that they are just as important as any other person in the world. I know that the Lord is pleased on the other side when he sees His children progress in His Gospel. I have felt it. I know that the Lord is pleased with His servants, the full-time missionaries and the members how help in this great cause also. This is the work of the Lord. The bar has been set higher then ever before in "bringing to pass the immortality and eternal life of man." I am so grateful to be apart of missionary work at this time. I love my Savior and I know He lives. I pray for everyone back home. I love you all. Until next week, count your many blessings and take care!
-Elder Harvey

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